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LaDiva forfait

Pourquoi choisir nos forfaits?

Certains d'entre nous ont du mal à choisir ce qu'ils ont envie comme décor, d'autres ne veulent pas se casser la tête et d'autres sont très visuelle et préfère savoir en avance à quoi s'attendre.

Si vous vous retrouvez dans ça, LaDiva forfait est pour vous ! 

Que ce soit pour un mariage, des fiançailles, un babyshower & plus encore, nous sommes à votre service pour le secteur de Montréal...

Wedding package

Forfait Mariage



850.00 $ 


Décoration mariage_edited.jpg

950.00 $ 



725.00 $ 


Aura or

500.00 $ 



925.00 $ 



875.00 $ 



450.00 $ 



450.00 $ 



650.00 $ 



600.00 $



950.00 $



700.00 $

Forfait fiançaille



  525 $ 

Engagement package

Forfait Cérémonie



200.00 $

Forfait Anniversaire



900.00 $


Forfait coin dessert



   195 $ 

Sweet table
  • For which events should I choose a decoration with balloons?
    Balloons are part of a rising trend! We are not talking about typical childish birthday balloons only, but about styling & tasteful work to give birth to something aesthetically pretty & elegant or fun! They can be incorporated into multiple events & match your theme, style & color! Here are the most popular: birthday parties, reunions, baby showers, Sweet 16, wedding decorations and much more!
  • What can be done as decoration with balloons?
    Balloon decorations are so flexible & we love it! Can be made as balloon arches, organic garlands, balloon columns, balloon walls, balloons on an arch, hoop or other structure, centerpieces theme table & much more!
  • What is the lifespan of my balloons?
    We treat all our balloons to hold helium longer and shine brighter. Indoors, 11 inch latex balloons usually last between 8-10 hours filled with helium and around 3-5 days when treated. The size of the balloon is important in determining how long the balloon will last. The bigger the ball, the longer it will last. 11" is the standard balloon size, but remember we have larger balloon sizes. If you want to know how long your balloons will last, contact us. Foil balloons last about 5‐7 days. Air-filled balloons usually last a few weeks, but do not float. Although we treat all of our balls, we cannot guarantee the life of the balls outdoors.
  • Can we provide you with the balloons to reduce the cost of the decoration?
    We want to offer you a decoration that will please you & that reflects our level of perfection & satisfaction with you. Some balloon suppliers don't offer the best quality & we are a company focused on not only the aesthetics of your decoration, but its quality & it lasts! It is for this reason that we make sure to use quality equipment for all your events & refuse contracts with balloons supplied.
  • Can you print logos or names on the balloons!
    Yes, we can personalize your balloons with your name, event date, any phrase, image or color you wish.
  • What is a ''mock-up''?
    It's a 30-minute planning & consultation service with one of our decorators where we will transform your vision into 2D which will allow great flexibility with changes & modification to have a direct visual of the look of your decoration before bringing it to life! Please note that any decoration requested within less than 10 working days is not guaranteed to be a 2D mock-up design due to the short time frame & may have to pay additional charges for these if desired.
  • When should I book?
    As a general rule, we recommend clients book and confirm at least 10 working days before the event so that we are clear on details & ensure to have the desired quantity or color of balloon. However, we strongly encourage you to book as early as possible, as reservations are on a first come, first served basis & peak seasons such as summer. summer some reservations are booked months in advance. Please note that any decoration requested within less than 10 working days is not guaranteed to be a 2D mock-up design due to the short time frame & may have to pay additional charges for these if desired.
  • How do I make sure my date is booked?
    We will reserve your event date on our calendar once the date reservation fee has been paid. This is a $150 non-refundable fee for us to hold your date, not accepting requests from other customers within the time slot that has been held to allow for driving to your location and set-up time involved. The date reservation payment is applied to your ending balance. If you paid at least $150 for your balloon order, the date reservation fee is considered paid, with $150 of the payment being non-refundable.< /span> We book events on a first paid, first booked basis. The date reservation fee ensures that we have your event on our calendar and that we will remain available for delivery and installation services.
  • When & how to pay?
    Balloon backdrop orders must be paid in full at least 2 weeks prior to event date. We do not order, create, inflate or deliver balloons without full payment at least before the day of your event. Completion of your order and payment in full within 7 days of your event date is subject to a rush order fee (last minute orders). Same day or next day rush order fee is increased. We will email you an invoice allowing you to pay by credit card or online bank transfer. We will not accept checks mailed to our office unless your event is more than 30 days away.
  • What if I want to change the theme or color of decoration after my reservation?
    If you want to change the theme, color or other details of your decoration, contact us as soon as you know. We can accept theme and color changes four weeks before the event date. Color or theme changes are subject to availability.
  • How much does it cost to have balloons at my event?
    Each event is unique. It is very difficult to have a general price. We treat every occasion with special care, depending on location, installation time, distance, type of decoration and balloons selected. However, we have prices for basic columns, arches and bouquets. You can see this price list here. This can help you get an idea of the cost of a professional balloon decoration. Contact us for a free consultation.
  • Why are custom balloon colors more expensive? (double padding)
    For custom balloon colors such as for pastel, matte, some dark and others, each balloon must be inflated first individually to allow flexibility & then it requires us to hand layer two different colored balloons (they don't already come pre-stuffed.) to get the custom colors - so with the extra time required, doubling the balloons will be doubling the cost of the materials.⠀< /span> However, as a result, the double padding will make the balls look stronger & more durable. You're also investing in something a little more unique, because the possibilities are endless with so many different custom colors to choose from! While we prefer the look of custom double-padded color combinations and floral combos, we understand that the price is not within everyone's budget . So what's the best alternative? Unique regular balloons (colors supplied as is). Contact us for more information!
  • How do I select my colors?
    We can email you the possible color chart. This chart shows standard, jewel, pearl, and metallic type balloons in solid colors. There is also a wide variety of printed, patterned and shaped latex balloons.
  • I still haven't decided on the decor I want, but I want to save my date!
    The date reservation payment is especially useful for those who have popular event dates, book very early and do not need to decide on the decor so far from the event, or are still unsure of the decor and need more time in the planning phase. We need to provide & decide on your final decoration a minimum of 10 working days to ensure color availability. Booking us with payment guarantees that we will have your reserved event date to work on YOUR event!
  • What is Hi-Float™?
    Hi-Float™ is a liquid sealant used to coat the interior surface of latex balloons and reduce the rate at which helium escapes through the pores of the latex. When applied to balloons that will be used indoors, it can increase float time by days. Hi-Float™ is non-toxic and water soluble.
  • What is Hi-Shine™?
    Balloon Shine™ and HI-SHINE™ are liquids applied to a latex balloon that will help it oxidize (lose its shine) for up to 10 times longer than an untreated latex balloon.< /p> Note that untreated dark colored latex balloons placed outside & hit by the sun may oxidize & lose their shine in just a few hours!
  • Do you mount and dismount  ?
    When you make your decor reservation, you will see the delivery-set-up costs. If you would like us to dismantle, please let us know in advance for a quote. Arrangements must be made in advance for this service. If your decoration includes frames or equipment sometimes a breakdown is mandatory depending on the type of frame used.
  • Our event location does not allow helium. Can I still decorate with balloons?
    Yes, there are many models of air-filled balloons that will last for days or even weeks. We decorate with arches, columns and air-filled topiary in these places.
  • What are the best environmental conditions for balloons  ?
    Fresh air, room temperature, indoor installations, away from heat, sun and wind.
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